Ingi carry-all!


Image of Ingi carry-all!

Little Ingi wants to travel with you! He likes to nap a lot and eat! Ingi lives with his brother Móri at the Arctic Fox Centre in Su∂avík Iceland waaaay far out in the Westfjords. I worked at the Melrakkasetur (aka Arctic Centre) in 2016 as a docent AND most importantly, as a caretaker of Ingi and Móri.
The sad news is dear little Ingi passed away... now, this little pouch stands as a memorial to little Ingi, whom I was lucky enough to meet, and spend time with.

This 10" Carry-all has an Indigo denim lining providing a soft structure.
100% polyester textured canvas shell withstands everyday use while looking great
White brass zipper with brown vegan leather pull.
Shipped Canada Post



Image of Ingi carry-all! Image of Ingi carry-all!